Bathroom Remodeling and repairs are projects for professionals. You want it done once and done right! You have come to the right place – A Sanders Construction LLC.

Bathroom Remodeling - If you are looking for a quick update to countertops and cabinets or a complete remodel, we are ready and willing to assist you. No project is too small or too big. We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and can assist you from design to choosing products for fixtures, cabinets, flooring, tile, etc.

Our tile work is second to none. We treat each project as though it were in our own and promise you that the final product is one that we stand behind and would be pleased to have in our own home.

Our crew and subcontractors are the finest in the industry. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your bathroom remodel.

Repairs - A Sanders Construction LLC is the company Realtors contact for budget conscious repairs during the sale of a home. We also have a great reputation for ‘all types of repairs’. We know what inspectors are looking for during the sale process. We will assist you in repairing real estate inspection work orders in a timely manner.

A simple loose tile can be just that. It can also lead to water damage in the wall, insulation, flooring and more. Our experts know what to look for and will give you all of your options so the job is done right the first time. We can assist you by recommending products that will fit within your budget.

Please take a few minutes to view the before and after photos on our website. Know that behind the beauty of the final product is a job done right. We do it beautifully, we do it right and we do it on budget!

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