Recently I hired Alan Sanders from (A. Sanders
Construction LLC) to do some work for me in my house. I
had an undetected loose tile in my bathroom shower.
Over time the damage was so great that I needed to
replace the wall and tile. Alan was fantastic! He helped
me pick out the new tile. During repair he kept the  mess
down to a minimum and was not in the way of my family.
He was very professional and always on time. Alan was
someone I felt secure with in my home, even when I
wasn't there. He made the repairs in a timely  fashion
without compromising quality. He did a beautiful job.
Every tile is perfectly cut and placed. I would highly
recommend him to anyone for future jobs. Feel free to
contact me for a reference.
- Colleen Cannon, Bonnie Lake, WA

Recently we decided to put our house on the market.
The house was built in the mid 60's and really needed
some up-dating. We decided to replace the kitchen
counters and also the counters in the main bathrooms.
This was followed by replacing the kitchen sink and both
sinks in the main and master bathrooms. We then
replaced the shower doors in both the main and master
bathroom. After purchasing the needed supplies, we
needed someone to install them. My son in law told us of
a good contractor. We called Alan Sanders and his
response was immediate. Alan came to our home and
promised a quote
which we received quickly. We found this company to be
very reliable and the work was done professionally and
in a timely manner. Alan gave us some pointers on how
to be ready for inspectors and then volunteered to look
under the house and outside for any possible problems.
Thanks to their suggestions we were able to find and
repair a few loosepipes under the house and a patch of
dry rot in front of the house that was quite extensive. We
had a crack in the ceiling between the dining room and
kitchen area. Alan repaired that so it is not even
noticeable anymore. We have received many
compliments on the workmanship and beauty of the
completed project. The work was finished quickly and all
debris hauled away. Our property was treated with
respect and we have and will continue to recommend
this company to all our friends and family.

- Mike and Gloria Milich, Auburn, WA

We recently contacted Sanders Remodel for a bathroom
remodel that another contractor had botched. Mr.
Sanders pointed out the various mistakes that the prior
contractor had made, and said that he could repair the
unacceptable work and finish the job to our satisfaction.

Alan was very professional and took due diligence in the
repairs. He was very courteous and respectful regarding
keeping the worksite clean and hazard-free. His
craftsmanship was impeccable, not only did he perform
the remodel perfectly, but also gave suggestions that
made our bathroom far more elegant than we would
have ever thought possible. Alan pays close attention to
detail, and it shows in his work. Our remodel included
fixing a leaking skylight, replacing water damaged
drywall and insulation, setting a new bathtub, tiling and
grouting the shower, and relocating the toilet and
plumbing fixtures. He also installed tile flooring with a
sub-floor heating system. Alan’s suggestions regarding a
full ceiling-to-backsplash mirror and granite facing on
the soaking tub that matches the new granite counter
tops, makes our bathroom look like a showpiece.

We were so impressed with his work, we also contracted
him to retexture and paint our walls and ceilings, as well
as install window trim throughout our front room and

We have some other remodeling issues we would like to
address. Make no mistake; we will contact Mr. Sanders
for those jobs as well.

- Edward & Kimberly F., Pacific, WA

Let me tell you what I like about the kitchen and laundry
room you built for me. Your work was outstanding. But
most of all, I like your design for the kitchen. I thought
the kitchen had to be small so it wouldn’t interfere with
the media room’s appearance and function. Your design
coordinated the kitchen with the unique features of the
media room. You gave me a larger kitchen than I thought
was possible.

The laundry room may be a small thing, but people who
look at my house are impressed by my laundry room.
Again, thanks to your design.

I like working with you because you are so good at
answering my questions. You are patient when I ask lots
of questions, and you surprise me with how much you

Very best wishes, -Irene Haynie

"As a Realtor and real estate investor for over two
decades, I demand quality and dependability from
vendors for my own properties and for my clients. I have
worked with Alan Sanders, and am pleased to
recommend A. Sanders Construction for your residential
remodel and repair projects.

-Marcie Maxwell & Lisa Lam, Windermere Realtor

Thank you so very much for the lovely work that you did
in remodeling my kitchen. Instead of a "nightmare" to
work in I now have a "dream kitchen"!! The work stations
are well-lit and convenient, which makes cooking a joy. I
have enjoyed working with you and will not hesitate
calling Sanders Construction should I have any more
home projects. Your workmanship, skill level and the
friendly professional manner in which you treat your
customers is to be noted.

Thank you sincerely,  -Margaret Fulton

consistently performed quality work for me personally
and for the clients I have referred him to, on numerous
occasions. He has many years experience in the
construction industry and is reliable, responsible, and
truly dedicated to delivering excellent workmanship and

-Nancy C. Auburn, WA

We would like to thank you for the work you have
completed on our home in Federal Way! We are pleased
with the workmanship and professionalism you and your
crew exhibited throughout the remodel.  Although
drywall and scraping ceilings can be messy, we always
found the home to be clean and everything picked up
each day when you were done working!  Your ability to
work with changing plans from day to day was also
appreciated!  Always with a smile and happy to assist 
making this the home we pictured in our minds!  The
extra steps and care you took to make sure the job was
done right was not unnoticed.
We look forward to having you expand the utility room to
complete the whole project!  Once we are finished, we
will truly miss you and the crew being part of the
excitement around the house!
If anytime we have work that needs to be done, you will
be the first person we would call.

Again, thank you!! -Kim Paustian & Joan

I recently had the pleasure of having Alan with
A.Sanders Construction do some work on my home. His
work was very quick and efficient and he was a pleasure
to have at my house. He was very helpful in the way he
listened to what I wanted to have done then made some
suggestions on ways to improve on my plans and carried
them out in a very professional manner. Alan and his
helper went beyond our expectations and performed
extra work at no additional charge. I would give
A.Sanders Construction my highest recommendation.

- Thanks Al....Brad P. Seatac, WA

A.Sanders Construction recently completed our kitchen
remodel. The job was completed in a timely manner and
they did a fantastic job. Alan has an excellent choice of
subcontractors that helped create the final design. Alan
and crew were always at the job when work needed to
be done and when subcontractors needed to be
supervised. When problems arose, Alan always stayed
with the situation until it had been resolved. His crew
always kept the work area neat and clean. He always
kept us, as the homeowners, informed.

Sincerely, -Steve and Noel P. Kent,WA.